Northern Lights Chaser

Northern Lights Display

Aurora Borealis


Departure: 10:00 pm


Duration: 6 hours (times vary depending on aurora conditions)


Price: $225.00/ each person
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The long nights in the Interior of Alaska provide amazing opportunities for Aurora (Northern Lights) viewing. Our famous Northern Lights Chaser tour brings this experience to a new level as it will allow our guests to travel to several unique locations outside of the light pollution of Fairbanks within one night rather than the traditional static roadside or lodge viewing.



  • Our attentive guide will provide a variety of picturesque settings on your journey through the night skies of Interior Alaska
  • Destinations will change throughout the night and will remain flexible to ensure the Northern Lights can be viewed in the best possible setting and in all it’s beauty
  • Often weather, environment etc. can interfere with the viewing, our flexibility however allows traveling to the most rewarding points allowing for an experience of a lifetime
  • For more information regarding dressing and equipment recommendation, please contact us



  • Pick up/drop off within the city limits of Fairbanks or North Pole
  • Two sandwiches, hot punch, coffee and snacks



  • We cannot guarantee that the Northern Lights will be visible.