Our Team

We were lucky to find guides who believe in the ideas and goals of our business philosophy. We are very proud to have very knowledgeable, high motivated, extremely active and flexible people who live in Alaska not just for a short time, but year round. They know Alaska and the life in “The Last Frontier” and guide you through our special and interesting tours. Most of our guides are multilingual what helps to connect to our guests very well.





Rainer Zahnen – Owner –

Rainer ZahnenI am originally from Germany, and the founder and owner of Alaska-Wildlife-Guide LLC. I am a true outdoors person who enjoys sharing Alaska’s fascinating beauty with all our guests from around the world.
My passions are canoeing, hunting, fishing, hiking and snow machining. However, despite preferring the outdoors, my main job is managing the Tour company.






Jutta Zahnen

Jutta ZahnenWhen I visited Alaska for the first time I fell in love with this incredible nature. After we settled in North Pole, and set up my husband’s company, we were asked so many times: “Where can we stay overnight?” We came up with the idea to build a cabin and rent it out, the customers just love it. I am responsible for all the good stuff that our customers receive on our tours like homemade stew, sandwiches, coffee and punch as well as the personalized lunch bags for each tour guest. You find me in the back but I am always there.





Mike Sager

MikeI came to Alaska in 1974 when I was 18 years young. Most of those years I lived along the upper Yukon river either in the woods or in a small village.
I was a trapper, fisherman, dog musher, riverboat expediter, guide, woodworker, builder of log cabins, boats, sleds. I enjoy broadening my horizons and find it rewarding to assist others to do the same.







Dave Frank

DavefrankI have enjoyed exploring Alaska over the past 40 years, whether hunting and fishing or snowmobiling, or just paddling down the many rivers. I graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 1992 with a degree in Northern Studies, and have continued to pursue a quest to learn more about my home here in Alaska. I always enjoy showing off my vast backyard and answering questions about it!







Nicholas Guy

Nicholas_editedI came to Alaska 6 years ago after another 6 years of exploring the Rocky mountains and conquering a number of it’s 14,000 ft peaks. I came following a passion for the outdoors, wilderness photography and a fledgling dog mushing career. Since arriving in Alaska I have developed my talents to finish several 200+ mile sled dog races and have my photography published in several international publications.






Jeffrey Coe

img_2599I am 59 years old and married 34 years to my wife Michelle. We have two grown children and I’ve been a resident of Alaska for over 48 years. I am a private pilot, retired electrician, registered hunting guide, worked in the gold mining industry (both family owned and corporate mines) and trapped on and off my whole life and I love being outdoors. I am a self taught biologist without formal training, a self taught weather guy as well as an self taught aurora chaser. I love sharing my Alaska with others. I like the culture and the history here and just like sharing what I know about it with people. I know it would take more than a week of visiting for me to run out of stories (They are mostly true)





Robert Bonestroo

 I came to Alaska in 2004 from Colorado to get my degree from the University of Alaska in Business Management and a minor in accounting which I finished in 2007. I was a part owner of a company that provided medevac insurance for Alaskans after college. I sold the company in September of 2016, and decided to go back to school to get a Masters in Education from UAF and plan to teach history to 8th graders when I finish my degree. I married a lifetime Alaskan in 2009 and we live near Fox, AK with our 4 Labradors. I am an avid birdwatcher, hunter, snow-machiner, atv and motorcycle enthusiast, and music lover. I love to talk about Alaska, and enjoy doing tours for people eager to have a true Alaskan experience.





Larry Mitchell

My wife and I arrived in Alaska in 1985 courtesy of the USAF. Having dreamed of Alaska since my youth in Colorado, I instantly knew I had found our home. I spent the next 32 years finishing my military service as a Russian linguist and entering the field of education where I taught for 26 years as a 7th generation teacher. During that time I have enjoyed cycling, hiking, paddling, walking, wandering and photographing the great state of Alaska. It is my hope that I can show others the immense beauty of the Last Frontier.





Kelsey Steele – Accounting –

img_2599I have lived in Alaska since the Air Force sent my family to Eielson in the winter of 1994-5. My family knew very quickly that this was the place we belonged and we settled down in North Pole. I attended North Pole area schools my whole life and earned my Bachelors degree in accounting from UAF in 2014. I am an avid participant in local shooting sports, working and competing with several groups and clubs in Fairbanks, as well as teaching firearm safety and skills courses. My husband and I live in North Pole with our beagle, Sirius.





Sylvia Larson – Office Management –

bild-fuer-bio-fertigI grew up in Germany and moved 2011 due to the military to the states. I graduated school as a legal assistant and worked for over 6 years as a manager in order processing. I came 2015 to Alaska and instantly fell in love with it’s natures beauty. I mean where would be a better place to enjoy the outdoors than here?
My favorite things to do are hiking, traveling all over Alaska, riding the 4-wheeler, watching the wildlife and fishing. I can’t wait to explore every little bit of Alaska with my family, once my husband is retired from the Army. I am a part of the Office Team and trying my hardest to help you plan your dream vacation and help you out with any questions or issues.